The National Enquirer is getting blasted on Twitter for pedaling a story on coronavirus “cures” which medical experts uniformly say don’t exist.

“Coronavirus Cures Finally Found!” screams the front page of the American Media-owned supermarket tabloid’s March 23 edition. Inside, the article claims to have “miracle pill and kitchen treatments that work.”

“How is the National Enquirer not being charged with threatening community health by putting out a horrific lie on its front page that some magic pill has cured the coronavirus?” one critic tweeted. “These deceptions have destroyed truth for far too long & laws must be created to stop this!”

“This is misleading and shameful,” another critic wrote.

The article claims “top doctors have told The National Enquirer that the deadly plague can be stopped in its tracks with natural cures found right in your kitchen or at your local pharmacy!”

“There are currently no antiviral drugs licensed by the Food & Drug Administration to beat Covid-19,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says on its Web site.

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