‘Massive nerd’ mathematician, 30, figures out how to hack his dating app and scores a girlfriend – as he reveals how you can do it too

  • The 30-year-old was ‘bored’ when downloaded the app Coffee Meets Bagel
  • He wasn’t receiving many matches and decided to crack the app’s formula 
  • He created five fake profiles and noted details about the men he matched with
  • From there, he updated his profile to his findings and saw matches increase
  • The Sydney man finally met his girlfriend and have been together for six-months 

The 30-year-old was living all by himself when he downloaded Coffee Meets Bagel (stock)

A mathematician who found himself with plenty of time on his hands after breaking his leg went on to crack a dating app’s formula and score himself a girlfriend. 

The 30-year-old Sydney man was living by himself and through boredom decided to download popular dating app, Coffee Meets Bagel. 

‘We create meaningful connections that spark hearts and inspire people to share themselves authentically and enthusiastically,’ their website reads.  

After setting up, he wasn’t receiving as many matches as he expected and decided to use maths to give him an edge. 

‘I basically found the formula. I’ve always wanted to optimise things, make them the most efficient,’ the consultant told news.com.au.

‘I went from having a 10-20 per cent hit rate to an 80-90 per cent hit-rate. It was crazy.’ 

The consultant from Sydney used his extensive mathematical skills to crack the code for the dating app (stock)

He created five fake female profiles and scrolled through 200 male profiles and recorded specific details.

He noted the sort of photos men used, the background, whether or not there was a smile and if the photo was portrait or landscape. 

He then ‘went out of his way’ to test his findings and uploaded photos specific to his notes, starting with a portrait photo, one of him in the Blue Mountains, a group photo, as well as a shirtless photo at the beach. 

From there he noticed his matches went significantly up and was successfully booking two dates in a day – once even accidentally double-booking himself. 

After a while he finally met his girlfriend of six months and said ‘she was in hysterics’ when she found out what he had done. 

‘She already thought I was a massive nerd but this just confirmed it. But she was definitely appreciative of the effort I put in,’ he told the publication. 

After cracking the code, the man saw his connections increase significantly and was booking in two dates daily (Coffee Meets Bagel App)



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