New York Post mourns loss of longtime colleague Isidore ‘Izzy’ Cabioc

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Isidore “Izzy” Cabioc, who worked for the New York Post for 46 years, succumbed to cancer at his Brooklyn home on Wednesday. He was 69.

Cabioc was a sales support coordinator for a staff who adored him. Prior to that he worked as a “desk man” in the publications department.

An avid NBA and NFL fan, Cabioc also was a “foodie” and fine watch aficionado who loved art and jazz.

“He was a Renaissance man,” said Christopher Sexton, director of Billing and Accounts Receivable.

“He had an impressive jazz collection. He could talk to you about Jean-Michel Basquiat, Miles Davis and the New York Jets in the same conversation,” Sexton said.

He was remembered by colleagues Friday for his sweetness and sense of humor.

“You could set your watch every day at 12 noon,” when he’d eat his lunch at his desk with a cloth napkin, a china plate and actual silverware, said advertising coordinator Marjorie Guglielmetti.

“Izzy was one of a kind, a true gentleman,” said Account Executive David Mancuso

“Izzy was the quintessential New Yorker,” noted Liz Prael, Account Director.

“Nothing would make him happier and smiling wider than talking about Papayas Hot Dogs on 86th Street and Third Avenue,” Prael said.

“He relished that — pardon the pun. He relished New York City and most certainly the New York Post. Such a loss. Izzy will be sorely missed.”

“He was everyone’s favorite person,” Account Executive Natasha Rivera remembered.

“He lived for Empanada Mama! He was always styling in the cutest shoes,” she added.
“He was the real deal — genuine, and the biggest sweetheart.

“His smile and his voice brightened any room he stepped into,” said Patrick Judge, executive vice president of Print Revenue.

“For the 46 years he was with us, he considered us family as we did him.

“He was a true Postie!” Judge added. “He will be greatly missed.”

“After knowing Izzy and working side-by-side with him for 42 years, I
have never come across anybody as sincere, generous, good natured and
 always willing to help as he was,” said James Reilly, Director, Sales

“I’ve never heard him say a bad word about anyone. Anything he had, he
would share with you. He was a great person,” Reilly added.

“I’m happy to have worked with him and called him my friend.”

Vice President for Human Resources Erin Dillon noted that ‘Izzy was unique, just like his name.

“He walked the office floor with a sense of humor, style and flair,” she said.

“His hearty appetite for all-things-food  (huge) was no match for his love of his colleagues and friends (gigantic). And we all felt that love. Every. Single. Day.  He will be forever in our hearts.”

Cabioc was predeceased by his brother.

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