Nigel Farage and Tories blast Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘failure of leadership’ over his dithering ‘neutral’ Brexit stance – The Sun

NIGEL Farage and the Tories today blasted Jeremy Corbyn's dithering decision to stay "neutral" during Brexit.

The Brexit Party boss said Corbyn was showing a "failure of leadership" for sitting on the fence over the huge issue facing the UK.

Speaking today, Mr Farage said: "Brexit is the defining issue of our day and the leader of the Labour Party is going to abstain from that.

"I find that astonishing. It's a failure of leadership.

"It's also a reflection that he knows his own parliamentary party are Remainers, so he's still trying to stay on that fence and it's not working.

"And I think, frankly, people would say just come down on one side or the other and I think my feeling is the Labour campaign is bombing and that last night made it worse."

During last night's Question Time, Mr Corbyn struggled to be heard as the frustrated crowd heckled him while he tried to explain his muddled Brexit plan.

And the Tories poured scorn on the plan, accusing Mr Corbyn of "deciding to be indecisive" on the biggest issue facing the country.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the Labour leader's stance "won't wash" with the electorate.

Speaking to Sky News's Sophy Ridge On Saturday programme, he said: "He has actively decided to be indecisive on the biggest issue of the day. It won't wash with voters.

"I think it is an absolute disaster. You can't ask this country to be its prime minister while not having a view on the biggest issue of the day."

Sajid Javid also weighed in tweeting: "Being decisive….about sitting on the fence! #GetBrexitDone"

But Corbyn today defended his decision – claiming it was a sign of "strength and maturity".



Statesman-like Boris  Johnson applauded host Fiona Bruce after she berated  audience members who were shouting and interrupting.

The Prime Minister led the applause and said: “I’m backing Fiona!”


Jo Swinson still claims she could be PM despite the polls. She said: “Strange things can happen in politics.

"I didn’t predict Donald Trump was going to become President, I didn’t think Jeremy Corbyn was going to be leader of the Labour Party.”


One audience member said he refused to be taken in  by Jeremy Corbyn’s comfy- looking image.

He told him: “I don’t buy this nice old grandpa… I see that video and that tells me all I need to know and that terrifies me for my daughters.”


An audience member said: “Mr Corbyn, I don’t think it is businesses that should be scared, I think it’s everyone.

"Your reckless socialist ideas terrify me, my family and friends, and  freedom will completely erode if we let you have  keys to No 10.”


When the PM roared: “We are a very ambitious One Nation Conservative government.

"We have amazing plans for this country — investing in education, investing in health — and we need to get on with it, and we need to get Brexit done to do it.”


When Corbyn backed  booted-out “corrupt” Leftie leader of Bolivia.

He said: “I met Evo Morales in Mexico last year.

"I had a long conversation with him about his country,  economic development and the number of people taken out of poverty.”

During an election campaign stop in Sheffield, he said: "I think being an honest broker and listening to everyone is actually a sign of strength and a sign of maturity.

"My role as the Labour prime minister would be to ensure that is carried out in a fair way, that the offers put are fair, and that I will carry out the result of that referendum.

"I think this is actually a sensible way forward that actually can bring people together."

Last night, PM Boris Johnson also poked fun at Mr Corbyn's plan, vowing: "Get Brexit done."

The most withering takedown of the night for Mr Corbyn came from a furious father, who accused him of allowing Jewish MP Ruth Smeeth to be heckled out of one of his press conferences in tears.

He said YouTube videos then show Mr Corbyn “chatting happily to that same heckler”.

The audience member said: “I don’t buy this nice old grandpa. I see that video and that tells me all I need to know and that terrifies me for my daughters as I see what you did. I think that is disgraceful.”

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