No bounce for Rishi Sunak after big reshuffle bringing back David Cameron as poll shows Labour lead surging to 27 points… and Tory support at just 19%

Rishi Sunak’s big gamble in bringing back David Cameron has failed to boost the Tories’ fortunes with Labour’s poll lead surging to 27 points, a new survey has shown.

A Find Out Now poll conducted immediately after Monday’s reshuffle – which saw Lord Cameron appointed Foreign Secretary – put the Conservatives on 19 per cent.

This was a four-point fall in support for Mr Sunak’s party in just a fortnight, while support for Labour was up two points over the same period to reach 46 per cent. 

The Prime Minister’s dramatic reshuffle also saw Suella Braverman sacked as Home Secretary, as he was viewed as moving his Cabinet back towards the political centre.

Support for Reform UK, the right-wing party founded by ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage, was up two points in the latest Find Out Now poll to 10 per cent.  

According to Find Out Now, Labour’s poll lead over the Tories has surged to 27 points. They interviewed 2,198 adults online in Britain on November 13 and 14

Rishi Sunak’s big gamble in bringing back David Cameron appears to have failed to boost the Tories’ fortunes

The Prime Minister’s shake-up of ministerial roles seems to have so far failed to convince voters

Lord Cameron has made a return to Government after a seven-year spell in the political wilderness following his resignation as PM in the wake of the Brexit vote.

The ex-premier, who led the losing Remain campaign during the 2016 EU referendum, has been given a seat in the House of Lords as part of his resurrection.

Following his appointment, concerns have been raised about Lord Cameron’s business ventures from his time away from No10.

This includes his links to China and his lobbying work for now-collapsed finance firm Greensill Capital, which saw him hauled before MPs for an uncomfortable grilling in 2021.

Mr Sunak hailed his new Cabinet as a ‘strong and united team’ that would ‘make the long-term decisions that are going to change our country for the better’.

But the PM’s shake-up of ministerial roles has appeared to have so far failed to convince voters.

A YouGov poll for The Times, conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, showed Tory support falling two points to 21 per cent.

This was the party’s lowest share of the vote during Mr Sunak’s spell as PM, since he replaced Liz Truss in Downing Street.

The survey also showed a fall in support for Labour, down three points to 44 per cent, with the lead for Sir Keir Starmer’s party over the Tories down one point to 23 per cent.

Former Cabinet minister Lord David Frost noted the YouGov poll with alarm, posting on Twitter: ‘This is our lowest voting share on YouGov since the end of the Liz Truss government.

‘Indeed only one YouGov poll has shown a lower Conservative share since the 2019 election.’

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