An NYPD cop assigned to Lower Manhattan has tested positive for the coronavirus, and dozens more have called out sick amid wider monitoring — representing nearly a fifth of their precinct’s force, a department spokesman said Tuesday.

A single cop in the 1st Precinct recently tested positive for the disease that has gripped the city and the world, according to the spokesman.

In recent days, another 31 cops assigned to the precinct have called out sick, accounting for 17 percent of the command’s staffing.

“That’s a very large percent of the precinct out sick,” the spokesman said.

Among those 31 are the precinct’s commanding officer and executive officer, a police source said.

And of those 31 out sick, 17 have complained of flu-like symptoms, the insider noted. They are being “monitored” but have not been tested, officials said.

The stricken cop represents at least the fourth NYPD employee to test positive, joining Transit Bureau Chief Edward Delatorre, Deputy Commissioner for Employee Relations Robert Ganley and a Queens School Safety Agent.

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