A PENSIONER drilled holes into his neighbour's wall because he claimed it encroached into his garden by two inches.

Ewen Taylor, 87, then put placards outside accusing them of being thieves and telling them to go to the council if they do not like the signs. 

The retired bricklayer, of Cardiff, was furious when the family next door built a back garden extension in 2020. Builders replaced their old garden wall with a new one. 

He used drills and a hammer to make the holes over a period of five months and  also peeled off a strip of stucco from the building extension.

And when police confiscated his tools, he wrote messages including: "You and your cowboy builder are thiefs [sic]"; "Other councils take down illegle [sic] building work"; "Will they sue me?"; and "Do not like my signs, tell the council".

His neighbours, a married couple with four kids aged four to 20, said the ongoing row left the children embarrassed to go out. 


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The mum, 42, told WalesOnline: "I have no idea why he thinks it is in his property. It is distressing, especially for my children.”

This is thought to be the family’s first row with their neighbour since moving in 20 years ago. 

He often drilled the holes in the mornings when the family were out but insisted the wall was in his property when asked why he was doing it.

The mum added: “It was intimidating for my children.”

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But Mr Taylor hit back: "I don't see how it was intimidating. Hammering and drilling have been going on next door for years. And that's acceptable. 

“If they want to hang new cupboards up they can hang new cupboards up.”

Mr Taylor was fined £90 for criminal damage in September, before he started the signs.

Police were called earlier this month but do not have the power to take them down.

Taylor added: “My signs are the truth.”

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Our neighbour built extension touching our home – now we must pay HER £130k

He had urged the council to intervene but officials told him boundary disputes are a civil matter and not for planning officers.

And the family decided against civil action due to legal costs.

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