Pablo Escobar’s nephew says ‘vision’ led him to uncle’s $18M cash stash

Pablo Escobar’s nephew claims he found $18 million cash in a secret “cove” in the late drug lord’s Colombian home — after a “vision” led him to the loot.

Nicolás Escobar told Colombian news outlet Red+ Noticias that he found the cash stashed in a plastic bag in a secret area behind a wall, as well as a gold pen, satellite phones, a typewriter and an undeveloped roll of film.

“Every time I sat in the dining room and looked towards the car park, I saw a man entering the place and disappearing,” he said of the cove in his late uncle’s home in Medellín, where he now lives, according to the BBC.

“The smell was astonishing. A smell 100 times worse than something that had died,” he also said of the secret cove.

Pablo Escobar, known as the “King of Cocaine,” and was thought to be one of the richest men in the world before he was killed in a shootout with police in 1993.

Alas, his nephew said some of the banknotes were so decayed they were no longer usable.

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