Paedophile is jailed for four years after trying meet 'eight-year-old'

Paedophile, 51, is jailed for four years after trying meet ‘eight-year-old girl for sex’ and leading police on 22-mile high-speed chase

  • Brian Fraser had been due before magistrates in April to answer to abuse claims 
  • Police spotted him in an Asda car park and he sped off and a chase started
  • Caught by police and was today jailed for four years at Swindon Crown Court 

Brian Fraser (pictured above) has bee jailed for four years and will be subject to a three-year driving ban on his release

A paedophile has been jailed for four years after he attempted to meet an eight-year-old girl for sex.

Brian Fraser had been due before magistrates in April to answer child sex abuse allegations, but failed to turn up to court.

Police spotted Fraser in the car park of an Asda supermarket and tried to talk to him, but he sped off. 

The fugitive 51-year-old was caught and jailed after the 80mph chase with police in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Fraser had been found to have used an online chatroom seeking ‘Any young girls I can use?’.

He struck up a conversation with a man named ‘Steve’ who said he was a father of two daughters, aged eight and three.

Fraser – posing as ’43-year-old Sean’ – was in the process of arranging to meet Steve, appearing to suggest he wanted to abuse the older girl in woods, at a hotel or even at the family home.

But Steve turned out to be an undercover police officer trawling the darker corners of the web in an effort to snare potential sex offenders.

Fraser failed to attend Swindon Magistrates’ Court in April and police ended up chasing him 22 miles at 80mph in his Mini Cooper in order to bring him to justice.

Today, Fraser was jailed for four years and two months.

Judge Peter Crabtree, at Swindon Crown Court, told him: ‘A worrying feature of the pre-sentence report is that you failed in the face of the evidence to acknowledge any deviant sexual interest in children.’

The court heard Fraser first heard from ‘Steve’ on online chatroom Chat Step in early January 2018.

The image above shows police arresting Fraser outside his car after he failed to turn up to court in April 

Fraser had failed to attend Swindon Magistrates’ Court (pictured above) to answer child sex allegations

The conversation quickly became sexual and Fraser suggested he and Steve move their chat to a more private place.

Fraser then attempted to arrange a meeting with Steve, appearing to suggest he wanted to abuse the older girl.

On January 9 Fraser cancelled the meeting, telling Steve he had thought about it and had too much to lose.

But just one day later he appeared to change his mind, texting that he ‘wanted to play’, wished he was braver, and asked that Steve stay in touch.

Police managed to track Fraser down after spotting him at a supermarket car park in Wiltshire

There followed a string of messages trying to fix a date for Fraser to meet Steve and his elder daughter.

In one message Fraser claimed he had met a nine-year-old girl for sex. It was acknowledged by prosecutors that this was a lie.

Judge Peter Crabtree said: ‘It was a fantasy on your part.’

When police arrested Fraser they found indecent images on his computer of children aged between 10 and 12.

Fraser failed to appear before magistrates in April to answer charges.

A day later police spotted a Mini Cooper registered to Fraser in the car park of the Orbital Asda supermarket. A constable tried to speak to him but Fraser reversed then sped off.

The ensuing chase lasted around 45 minutes as Fraser led police on a 22-mile tour through Swindon and north Wiltshire.

The Mini hit 80mph at points through Swindon and as he approached junction 16 Fraser went through a red light, forcing an HGV driver to carry out an emergency stop.

Fraser managed to keep going despite police deploying three stingers.

One of the devices, which are designed to burst a car’s tyres, even dislodged another stinger that had got stuck beneath the car.

Fraser was eventually boxed in by officers.

Fraser admitted attempting to arrange the commission of a child sexual offence, making indecent photographs of children and failing to stop and dangerous driving.

Peter Binder, defending, said his client had pleaded guilty at an early stage in the proceedings.

He had previous convictions but the last dated back to 2005 and there were no sexual offences on his record.

The lawyer acknowledged his client’s driving had been disgraceful. But he added: ‘There is no suggestion that alcohol or drugs played a part in that course of driving.

‘There was very little traffic about given the hour of the night. While speeds were excessive, they were not greatly so in cases of this nature.’

Judge Crabtree said of Fraser’s dangerous driving: ‘It’s true that there was little traffic about and for some of the pursuit you travelled within the speed limit.

‘But for much of it you did not. You came close to collision with other vehicles. You damaged two police vehicles in your effort to escape.

‘It’s dangerous driving in my view of a relatively high order which easily exceeds the custody threshold.’

Fraser will be subject to a three-year driving ban upon his release from prison, a sexual harm prevention order that will run indefinitely and he must sign onto the sex offenders’ register for life.

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