Parents outraged as Seattle elementary school near homeless encampment faces break-in, lockdowns

Seattle school near homeless encampment hit with break-ins, lockdowns over unknown man with a gun

Seattle parent Bryce Nicolls says the school has refused help from city leaders and is putting the homeless over the student’s safety.

Parents are expressing their outrage after a Seattle elementary school, located only a few feet from a homeless encampment, experienced a break-in and multiple lockdowns.

One Broadview-Thomson elementary school parent, Bryce Nicolls, joined “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday, and said that the situation has spiraled “completely out of control” after an unknown man entered the school with students present. 

“They have broken into the school. The school has been on a shelter-in-place lockdown multiple times due to one of the people at the encampment having a gun, and there’s fights there constantly,” Nicolls said.

In the one instance, the school was broken into, Nicolls said that an unknown man was able to find one door that was slightly ajar and slip through. 

Additionally, Nicolls added that parents of the baseball players that utilize the elementary school field received letters urging them to look for hypodermic needles prior to games before use of the field was suspended entirely. 

Tim Robinson, a spokesperson for the elementary school, responded to an inquiry from Fox News on the issue. 

“We continue to seek a solution through discussion with community-based organizations. We welcome any assistance that the city could provide,” Robinson said. “We continue to have additional presence at the school from the Seattle Public Schools Safety & Security department.” 

Nicolls responded to the statement during his segment with Ainsley Earhardt and asserted that the city has offered help to the school, but the school board “pretty much just won’t do anything about it.”


“They are choosing the people at the encampment over our children at this point and that is completely unacceptable,” added Nicolls. 

Despite his grievances and insistence that the homeless encampment should be moved elsewhere, Nicolls said that people in Seattle should not go hungry or without shelter, and hoped that those in the encampment received help. 

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