Parler set to go offline TONIGHT as Amazon, Apple and Google cut off app used by right wing extremists

PARLER is set to go offline tonight after Amazon vowed to shut down its servers for failing to deal with the rise in violent content.

The move follows Apple and Google removing the self-styled ‘free speech’ site from their app stores amid similar concerns.

The president's personal and campaign accounts, along with others banned following the storming of Capitol Hill by his supporters, have now switched to Parler.

Apple had given Parler 24 hours to submit a detailed moderation plan, pointing to participants' using the service to coordinate Wednesday's siege of the US Capitol.

Amazon suspended Parler from its Amazon Web Services (AWS) unit, for violating AWS's terms of services by failing to effectively deal with a steady increase in violent content, Reuters reports.

Amazon's move effectively takes the site offline unless it can find a new company to host its services.

Due to the "very real risk to public safety" that Parler poses, AWS plans to suspend Parler's account effective Sunday, at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Parler Chief Executive John Matze  said the site was the victim of coordinated effort knowing its options would be limited.

The move was designed to inflict the most damage right as Trump was banned from other social media platforms, he alleged.

"There is the possibility Parler will be unavailable on internet for up to a week as we rebuild from scratch," he said in a post on Parler.

"This was a coordinated attack by the tech giants to kill competition in the market place… You can expect the war on competition and free speech to continue, but don't count us out."

Matze said the platform could be “unavailable on the Internet for up to a week as we rebuild from scratch.”

He previously questioned the app's First Amendment rights.

"We won't cave to politically motivated companies and those authoritarians who hate free speech!" Matze said.

Google first banned the app after some users once promised to once again take over the Capitol in a show of violence on President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration day.

"Many of us will return on January 19, 2021 carrying Our weapons in support of Our nation's resolve towhich [sic] the world will never forget!!!" wrote a user on Parler before the app was taken down.

Google removed the app late on Friday night after fellow social media companies Facebook and Twitter removed Trump's accounts and any other accounts spreading falsities or having the potential to "incite violence."

On Saturday, Apple followed suit and removed Parler from its App Store.

The company told news outlets in a statement: "Parler has not taken adequate measures to address the proliferation of these threats to people’s safety."

On Fox News, Parler's Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff claimed the app was being targeted because it's a conservative platform that doesn't fact-check users.

"We're competing with other platforms who have decided that they want to surveil," Peikoff said.

"The nature of an open platform, a free and open town square, is that we do not take action on people until we are aware of a situation that’s particularly suspicious."

Before Amazon made the decision to cut Parler, its workers called for the site to also remove the app from its platforms.

"Enough is enough. Amazon hosts Parler on @awscloud," read an Amazon Workers tweet.

"As Amazon workers, we demand Amazon deny Parler services until it removes posts inciting violence, including at the Presidential inauguration."

"We cannot be complicit in more bloodshed and violent attacks on our democracy."

Parler was launched in 2018 following the rise of far-right extremist conservatives under Trump.

Such groups have accused Twitter and Facebook of being too swift to censor their views.

Although Trump is not on the platform, Parler does boast plenty of high profile electeds and conservatives, including GOP Senator Ted Cruz, who has 4.9 million followers, and Sean Hannity, with 7 million.

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