Protesters leave three severed PIG HEADS wearing cop caps outside Omaha police union as seven are arrested

SEVEN people were arrested after anti-police protesters left three severed pig heads wearing cop hats outside an Omaha station.

A group of around 40 or 50 protesters marched to the Omaha police officers union hall after a "pig roast" held in a nearby park on Saturday.

During the "roast," protesters denounced Sgt Anthony Conner for distributing a flyer slamming a former City Council candidate Cammy Watkins as being anti-police.

The group then marched over to the police union hall with the pig heads and copies of Conner's flyer, according to

Police said they made several announcements over a 10-minute period, telling the protesters that they were trespassing on private property and would need to leave the premises.

The situation was then declared an unlawful assembly, and resulted in the arrests of seven people.

The arrests were related to trespassing, failure to disperse, disorderly conduct, obstructing, littering, and unlawful assembly, police said.

Sgt Conner shared photos of the severed pig heads to Facebook, calling the offense a "despicable act."

"What part of this is okay?" he wrote. "Pay attention to those that are denouncing this act and those that are silent.

"Remember, according to some, your silence is violence and agreement to this despicable act. I want to publicly thank the on-duty police officers that responded and protected the OPOA hall tonight.

"I know you are [hereos] and I am proud to be your voice [in] this crazy world."

Saturday's protest was organized by a community organization called the Revolutionary Action Party.

The group shared a lengthy Facebook post after Saturday's event, alleging that cops interrupted a "peaceful" demonstration to arrest their members.

"They then told us to leave the property, when we decided to stand our ground and stand behind our constitutional rights to peacefully assemble and protest," the group said of the night in question.

"They threatened to use force on us, as well as chemical weapons despite the demonstration and the pig union being in the midst of a residential area with children and families outside watching the whole instance.

The group says that they were enraged by the flyers denouncing Cammy Watkins, who their post described as "a known Black Candidate & Leader in the community who ran for District 3’s 2021 City Council race."

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