RUSSIA’S military will require years of rebuilding after suffering devastating losses in Ukraine, the US has said.

America’s Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines said she doesn’t foresee Vladimir Putin’s forces securing any more ground in the second year of the Ukraine war.

Deluded Putin thought he could defeat Ukraine in three days and that thousands would rise up to overthrown Volodymyr Zelensky, his own spies have revealed.

But the Russian tyrant’s invasion has turned into a military failure of incredible scale, with poorly trained and equipped soldiers being sent to their deaths by incompetent leaders.

Haines was speaking as the Senate Intelligence Committee held its annual hearing on worldwide threats to US security.

In a report released to coincide with the hearings, US intelligence agencies said Russia probably does not seek conflict with the United States and NATO.


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But the war in Ukraine carries "great risk" of that happening there is "real potential" for Russia's military failures in Ukraine to hurt Putin's domestic standing, raising the potential for escalation.

Haines described "a grinding, attritional war" in Ukraine and said U.S. intelligence does not foresee the Russian military recovering enough this year to make major territorial gains.

China will maintain its cooperation with Russia to continue trying to challenge America.

Russia has now lost more than 150,000 soldiers in the Ukraine war, according to figures from Kyiv’s defence ministry.

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As well as soldiers, the Russians have lost vast quantities of weapons, including 3397 tanks, 6658 armoured vehicles, 2398 artillery guns, 300 warplanes and 18 ships.

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