Rayshard Brooks’ widow says cops’ charges won’t bring back her husband

Rayshard Brooks’ widow said Thursday that she was “glad” the cop who shot and killed her husband was charged with felony murder — but it still won’t “bring him back” to his family.

“Everything is just pretty much breathtaking,” Tomika Miller said on NBC’s “Today” show after being asked about the 11 charges against fired Atlanta cop Garrett Rolfe, 27, who also kicked her husband as he lay dying.

“It’s just very emotional — Father’s Day is coming up and all I can keep thinking about is my husband won’t be here. No matter how many charges they face, it’s not gonna bring him back,” Miller said of the 27-year-old father of four.

“There’s not gonna be a day where I see him walk through the door, or he’s laughing with his kids again, or he’s trying to do the best in life, and become the best man he wants to be for his family.

“So I’m glad about the charges, but I want to see them go through.”

Rolfe could face life without parole or the death penalty if convicted of felony murder.

The other officer involved, Devin Brosnan, 26, will face three charges, including aggravated assault — but will testify against Rolfe, the first time an Atlanta cop has crossed the thin blue line, the district attorney said.

Both men have until 6 p.m. Thursday to surrender.

Miller — who previously told the show she cannot bring herself to see videos of her husband’s death — said she is having sleepless nights while Brooks’ four kids are still tearfully mourning their dad.

“It’s hard for me to sleep. Every day I’m praying — I’m praying to through it, I’m praying for strength,” she said.

“I wake up, and my daughter’s crying, and she’s crying out for her dad. They miss him, dearly. I wish that I could say I’m doing well but I’m not.”

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