Sorry, but EWE are on your own! Rescuers will NOT rescue Britain’s ‘loneliest sheep’ who was stranded on a cliffside beach in the Scottish Highlands for two years as the animal isn’t in danger and has ‘ample grazing’

  • Scottish SPCA refuses to rescue Scotland’s loneliest sheep as it’s ‘not in danger’ 

It was dubbed ‘Scotland’s loneliest sheep’ after being spotted living alone on an isolated beach at the foot of a cliff.

But now it seems there is no end in sight to its solitary life after animal welfare chiefs said no rescue operation would be mounted to bring it back to the flock.

Jillian Turner first spotted the animal in 2021 during a trip from Balintore to Nigg with the East Sutherland Canoe and Kayak Club. 

But recently she took the same trip again and noticed the sheep was still trapped on the small area of beach.

Ms Turner has since contacted a number of organisations to try to arrange a rescue, but she said the Scottish SPCA would not attempt to retrieve the sheep because it is not in any danger. 

It was dubbed ‘Scotland’s loneliest sheep’ after being spotted living alone on an isolated beach at the foot of a cliff

The rugged shoreline where the sheep has been stranded for more than two years

However, the organisation said it would continue to monitor its welfare when the weather allows.

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SSPCA chief superintendent Mike Flynn said: ‘The sheep has ample grazing in the area but we have not been able to ascertain who it belongs to. We will continue to have further checks when the weather allows.’

One local boat skipper – who has seen the sheep regularly over the past two years – said: ‘There are several caves in that area and it is believed it shelters in at least one of them. That would explain how it has survived.

‘It is astonishing that it has made it through all weathers and in that exposed place.’

The sheep is not of the same breed as those belonging to local farmers. It is thought it could have been part of a flock that was temporarily on nearby grazings.

Ms Turner said: ‘The landowner has made several attempts over the last couple of years to get to her but has had to abandon rescue attempts for various reasons, mainly due to the dangerous landscape. 

The highlighting of this case has caused him quite some concern, fearing people randomly turning up trying to be the hero and getting injured.’

The sheep, circled, looks over in the hopes of rescue and, above, shows off its impressive long fleece

A kayaker passes by the rocky shoreline where a sheep has been marooned

Since spotting the sheep again recently and appealing for help, Ms Turner has drawn a blank in her attempts to save it.

She said: ‘I contacted a mountain rescue team, who were very sympathetic but can’t take any action unless given a shout from an emergency service. I also contacted the SSPCA.’

She continued: ‘I walked along the top of the cliffs and located the bay from above. It is really steep with difficult access due to gorse, bracken and fencing.

‘The shore is shallow and has easy access. What we need is a semi-ridged inflatable that can go in, and for at least one of my farming friends to go along with a dog and capture her.

‘I have had sheep myself so I think it’s possible and so do they. She deserves to be given a good few years with other sheep.’

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