Furious residents tell how their lives were made a ‘misery’ by TWO back-to-back weekend music festivals in south London park with ‘unbearable’ noise, revellers urinating in gardens and anti-social behaviour

  • Beckenham Place Park hosted Hospitality Weekend in the Woods last weekend
  • A week before drum and bass event, the park also hosted festival City Splash
  • But residents say event caused ‘misery’ due to sound and anti-social behaviour
  • Organisers told MailOnline sound levels remained within the required levels
  • They also promised to work with council and residents to make improvements 

Furious residents in a leafy London suburb say their lives have been made a ‘misery’ by back-to-back weekends of music festivals.

Residents in family-filled Beckenham say they have been forced to endure loud music, anti-social behaviour and festival-goers urinating on their gardens after spilling out from events at Beckenham Place Park.

One resident even claimed their house was ‘shaking’ due to the booming sound coming from the most recent event – Hospitality Weekend in the Woods – a two-day drum and bass festival on Saturday and Sunday.

The event followed on from a one-day reggae festival – City Splash – which was held the previous Saturday. 

Furious residents say their festival ‘nightmare’ was made even worse because the park is split between two councils – making it harder to lodge complaints.

Residents in Beckenham say they were unable to make complaints to Lewisham Borough Council – who approved the festivals – because they live in the neighbouring borough of Bromley.

One told MailOnline: ‘Lewisham are responsible for the events, but it is Bromley residents who are suffering with the anti-social behaviour, huge amounts of rubbish, people p*****g in our front gardens. And Bromley say there is nothing they can do.’

One resident even claimed their house was ‘shaking’ due to the booming sound coming from the most recent event – Hospitality Weekend in the Woods – a two-day drum and bass festival on Saturday and Sunday. Pictured: Festival-goers at the event on Sunday

A picture showing smoke from smoke machines rising into the air above the festival at Beckenham Place Park during Hospitality Weekend in the Woods

Another, taking to Twitter to complain, said: ‘I have tried to comment to Lewisham Council but as we live in the Bromley Council area they won’t accept it.’

On Twitter user added: ‘It was so annoying last weekend when Bromley said “not our problem phone Lewisham” and Lewisham said “we don’t have noise officers, post something via the website”.

‘But the website only allows Lewisham residents to post… ridiculous.’ 

Others took to Twitter to complain about noise levels at the most recent festival, Hospitality Weekend in the Woods.

The two-day drum and bass event featured headliners such as English DJ Metrik and Belgian producer Netsky. 

One Twitter user wrote: ‘Five AM start, and live the other side of Beckenham but have drum and bass so loud it might as well be next door. Bloody awful.’

Another, Anna-Lane Godhead, wrote: ‘It’s so loud! My house is shaking and the cat’s hiding under the bed.’ 

One Twitter user mentioned about noise coming from Beckenham Place Park on both weekends, including the previous weekend when it hosted City Splash.

The reggae event, which was also billed as a food and culture event, featured the likes of Jamaican musician Beenie Man.

The Twitter user said: ‘I hope this doesn’t become a habit. I couldn’t listen to my own music or watch TV at a normal volume for two weekends now. What a racket!’ 

Another told MailOnline: For the last two weekends they have held big dance festivals in the park with unbearable noise for local residents until 10.00pm on Saturday and 9.30pm on Sunday. 

‘Beckenham is a leafy family filled suburb and probably not the place for a huge drum and base festival.’

However other Twitter users defended the festivals, with one Twitter user saying: ‘It’s only on weekend (a year?). I was in the park yesterday (Sunday) and it was just a lot of young people having fun. It was great to see, they deserve it.’

But another replied: ‘It’s been more than that and both weekend days for the last two weekends. It’s great that young people have fun, but we have had noise, antisocial behaviour, and rubbish tipped on our driveway.

‘I get that everyone wants to enjoy life, but not at the cost of local residents.’

Meanwhile, one of the performers at the festival MC Eskman, praised the event’s location, saying: ‘Was nice performing in Beckenham Place Park yesterday. 

‘I used to go there as a kid. Same with Crystal Palace park. Loving these new locations being used.’  

Today organisers of the event series at Beckenham Place Park said sound levels had been monitored throughout the day and remained within the levels pre-agreed with the council.  

They also vowed to engage with the council and local residents to discuss any improvements that can be made for future events.

A spokesperson said: ‘As organisers of the festival we work closely with Lewisham council and their Safety Advisory Group over a 12 month planning period to minimize disruption for local residents. 

‘The noise levels for all of the events in question were managed to an agreed off-site limit in consultation with the local authority, and in conjunction with an independent noise monitoring team. 

‘Sound levels were monitored throughout each show day at various pre-agreed external monitoring points, all of which were comfortably within the licensable limits across all of the events over both weekends.

‘We give our customers very clear messaging before the events to respect the local area, however we will of course take on board any feedback from the community where they feel this sentiment may not have been respected and we will use that information to formulate our plans for future events.

The spokesperson added: ‘It has been a pleasure for us to see so many families and young people, including a large number from the local area, returning to events in the park after 18 months of Covid related circumstances preventing those people from enjoying these events going ahead.

‘We look forward to engaging with the council and local residents on any improvements we can make to the events in future, and endeavouring to make sure the events are a harmonious experience for customers and the local community.’

MailOnline contacted Lewisham Council for a comment but had not yet received a response prior to publication. 

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