‘I’m being attacked by a dog, you need to save me mum’: Schoolboy, 13, begs for help as he is mauled by a Pocket Bully which ‘took chunks out of his legs’

  • The 13-year-old had to undergo a four hour surgery following the attack in June
  • The horror unfolded while he was visiting a friend in Kingstanding, Birmingham 

A schoolboy who was mauled by a Pocket Bully dog begged his mother for help during the horror attack which left him thinking he was going to die.

The 13-year-old had chunks taken out of his ankles during an unprovoked attack which took place while he was visiting a friend in Kingstanding, Birmingham, earlier this year on June 25. 

The boy was set upon by the family’s two-year-old Pocket Bully within 15 minutes of arriving, as he watched his friend play on the PlayStation. He frantically rang his mother, saying: “I’m being attacked by a dog. you need to save me mum”. 

He asked for her to call an ambulance as his friend and their sibling tussled with the dog. They eventually managed to get the animal off the boy and out of the room.

The youngster was left with a hole in his leg and chunks taken out of his legs, his mother claims. He underwent surgery for four hours under a general anaesthetic and spent three days in hospital following the horror attack. 

A schoolboy (pictured) was mauled by a Pocket Bully during a horror attack in June which left him in hospital with injuries to his legs

 The 13-year-old had chunks taken out of his ankles during an unprovoked attack which took place while he was visiting a friend in Kingstanding, Birmingham 

The 13-year-old had gone to his friend’s home near Kings Road, Kingstanding, before he was set upon by nthe family’s dog. 

The dog had been with the two 13-year-olds in a bedroom when the attack happened. It was a small room and a hot day. 

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After the teenager managed to escape into another room, the dog began thudding against the door trying to get back in and continue its attack the youngster’s mother claims. 

The boy’s parents arrived within minutes with his father applying first aid to the wounds to stem the blood flow. 

The children at the home had taken the dog into the kitchen and locked him in there as paramedics treated the boy and rushed him to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The boy’s mother, 43, who asked not to be named, said she had not come forward with her son’s story before to protect him. 

But after a spate of attacks, including one in Stonnall, Staffordshire on September 14 which led to the death of dad-of-two, Ian Price, the teenager wanted his story to be told.

A girl was also attacked by an XL Bully Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross in Bordesley Green, Birmingham, on September 9, while another attack by a dog on a 10-year-old in Bentley Drive in Walsall took place on September 13. 

The mother told BirminghamLive: ‘Everybody’s talking about these XL Bullies. Nobody is looking at Pocket Bullies. They look like the big ones but are smaller and are just as dangerous.

‘My son went to a friend’s house. And within 15 minutes of being with his friend he was attacked. The family had a two-year-old Pocket Bully dog and three children. I have known the family for 10 years.’

The boy underwent surgery for four hours under a general anaesthetic and spent three days in hospital following the horror attack.

‘My son was watching his friend playing the PlayStation. I think my son went to move his hoodie and the dog just went for him. It flipped out.

‘Within 15 minutes, there was blood everywhere. My son phoned me and said “I’m being attacked by a dog. you need to save me mum”. I said to him “you need put pressure on it – to stop the bleeding”. 

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‘He said “I’ve got bits missing from my legs”. He said “please get me an ambulance mum”.

BirminghamLive has been shown images of the boy’s injuries which are too graphic to publish.  However they show large puncture wounds and chunks taken from the youngster’s leg. One less graphic image shows some of the injuries he suffered.

‘He thought he was going to die. The dog was smashing into the door to try and get back to him.’

The boy’s friend was there and so was his older teenage sister. Their dad had popped out to the shops it was claimed. They managed to bravely drag the dog off their friend, despite the danger, and get it out of the room.

The mother said: ‘My husband arrived after about five minutes and I was there after about seven. He said to me ‘get an ambulance’ in a horrifically panicked sort of a way. I knew then how bad it was.

‘My husband works with chainsaws and knew what to do and administered first aid. I ran upstairs and saw the blood. The chaos. The amount of times my son said “I’m going to die”.’

The mother phoned the ambulance service who gave advice and sent a crew. Police arrived after five minutes, first three officers then two more. The ambulance arrived after 25 minutes despite it being a Category 1 call.

Father-of-two Ian Price (pictured), from Stonnall, Staffordshire, was killed by the two dogs in Stonnall, Staffordshire on September 14

Armed police on the scene in Stonnall, Staffordshire, after the fatal attack on Mr Price

The medics praised the father’s first aid treatment and then ‘blued and twoed’ the boy to Birmingham Children’s Hospital. He was in the hospital by 2pm and having major surgery by 7pm that night.

The teenager had lost the side of both his ankles and a big chunk from the back of his thigh. He also had hole in his legs which each had to be stitched from the inside, where the dog had bitten him. 

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He had massive bruising by the bite marks. He underwent surgery for four hours under a general anaesthetic.

The mother said: ‘They thought they would have to do skin grafts on his ankles and thigh but they didn’t need to and I was amazed. 

‘They had to debride (remove damaged tissue) each wound. They couldn’t close any up as they were so open. We were worried about him getting an infection in the wounds,

‘He was in hospital for three days. He was on morphine due to the pain. And given antibiotics.

‘The paramedics just got it right. The hospital was amazing. Couldn’t fault them at all. Or the police. When he was in hospital he went to the same wound nurses. 

‘They said in the old days before lockdown if we had a dog bite we would discuss it. But it’s so common now.

‘The dog handler said the dog may have been triggered by the heat. I have been told while in the kennels the dog didn’t tend to show aggression. But when a dog went by it went crazy. But also when nothing is happening it flipped out.’ 

Footage of the savage dog attack in Birmingham that left an 11-year-old girl and two men injured

Ana Paun was walking to the shops with her 18-year-old sister when the powerful breed of bulldog leapt up at her from a bus shelter

Since coming home the youngster insisted on going back to school and his school, in Sutton Coldfield, was ‘amazing’ allowing him to wear shorts and slides as he couldn’t wear shoes. Last weekend he played his first football match since the attack.

His mother said; ‘He has got really significant scars down both legs. He had to have 27 stitches. He’s afraid of these dogs now. He’s afraid to go to sleep. I have to convince him to go to school every day.

‘When he was coming out of the anaesthetic he looked like he was having a fit. But he was fighting the dog, trying to save his life. Now, when he shuts his eyes he sees the dog biting a piece of his leg.’

He is going to have EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) treatment. All through the children’s. You usually have six months after the trauma and then they refer you for treatment. But he is having his treatment sooner.

After the recent attacks the boy told his mother: ‘Why does nobody know about me? Can we tell my story? This breed is a problem for everybody.

‘I said to him he was a child and didn’t want to tell his story for his sake. But he said “I’m a child and I am being forgotten about and people won’t think twice about having these dogs. I don’t want it to happen to them”.’

Asked about what she did when she heard about Ian Price being killed in Stonnall by two suspected XL Bully dogs the mother said: ‘I absolutely burst into tears and sobbed my heart out.

‘My mum was on holiday on the Isle of Wight and rang me and she burst into tears. It was so close to home what happened. And I was so grateful I got to go with my son in an ambulance and not in a hearse.’

A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said: ‘We were called to an address off Kings Road, Kingstanding on June 25 after a boy was bitten by a dog. Officers attended and seized the dog, taking it to a secure kennel.

‘The boy was taken to hospital for treatment for leg injuries. We spoke to all parties and it was mutually agreed that the dog, a Frenchie Staff cross-breed, was put to sleep. No further action has been taken.’

The mother of the injured boy said the police have subsequently confirmed to her that the dog was a Pocket Bully and says the police’s records have been updated. 

The family had thought the dog was a Frenchie Staff and had told police that initially.

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