‘Shark Tank’ investor Daymond John blasted for praising Louis Farrakhan speech

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“Shark Tank” investor Daymond John is taking heat over a tweet praising the remarks delivered by controversial religious leader Louis Farrakhan at DMX’s funeral on Sunday.

“What a powerful speech from Minister Louis Farrakhan for the #dmxfuneral,” John wrote on the social media site.

“His deep understanding of the Bible and respect for other people’s religions was truly inspiring. #RIPDMX,” the Brooklyn-born FUBU founder continued.

Commenters quickly called out John for his support of Farrakhan, pointing to his checkered past.

“Wait, what? He’s made dozens of anti-Semitic statements,” one user wrote.

Another Twitter commenter said: “Respect for other religions? He’s a vicious antisemite and seems proud of it.”

“This is absolutely sickening. Unreal,” said a third person.

In decades of public life, Farrakhan has attacked Jewish people as “satanic,” publicly questioned the Holocaust and condemned Judaism as a “dirty religion.”

On Sunday, Farrakhan spoke via video at DMX’s private funeral service, touching on the legendary rapper’s global influence.

“DMX is who he was and who he is, and the reason he has affected the people in the hip-hop genre and human beings across the globe is because he was genuine,” Farrakhan said.

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