State Department blocking messages from foreign leaders to Biden: report

Messages from foreign leaders to President-elect Joe Biden are reportedly sitting unread at the State Department as President Trump has blocked the new administration’s transition.

Under normal presidential transitions, the president-elect can tap into State Department resources to better log and translate communications between the incoming administration and world leaders, CNN reported.

With Trump refusing to concede, Biden and his team have undertaken the task privately, without government support.

But, “they would prefer to be using the State Department resources,” a source told CNN.

Biden over the weekend already spoke with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the report said.

On Wednesday, the president-elect had congratulatory calls with leaders of the Republic of Korea, Japan and Australia.

Denis McDonough, who worked for former President Barack Obama and helped during his transition into power, told CNN that the calls during this period are not highly sensitive.

“These calls in the past have been handled on open lines. They are congratulatory calls,” McDonough said.

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