A BRIDE honeymooning on a Caribbean cruise has revealed the “nightmare” of turning up minutes late for their departing ship only to be barred from boarding.

Actress Maria Gonzalez Roesch and her new husband Alessandro Di Palma made headlines around the world when they were seen helplessly watching their Royal Caribbean ship sail off without them — and their passports, money and clothes.

Now speaking to the Sun Online, Maria has laid bare the horror at hearing the Symphony of the Seas’ horn blast and then frantically shouting in vain to be allowed to board.

Maria, 26, of Costa Rica, said: “There was a platform with two crew members and they were mad with us.

“We started yelling to them ‘please, please let us on the cruise is still here’.

“But the guys said ‘you are not going to be so lucky and we are closing the doors and leaving’.

“Alessandro was in shock because it was his nightmare and it actually happened.

“He was so frustrated he wanted to jump to the ship. But [the drop] was so big and dangerous.”

Maria, who is also a trained journalist, said she has never missed a train, plane or boat before, but because they were relaxing on their honeymoon they let their guard down.

It was the ship’s last port before returning to Miami and it was the sixth day of a seven-day cruise.


They claim the ship usually sailed at 5.30pm from its stops, but this time the ship departed Nassau, in the Bahamas, two hours earlier than they expected.

In an excruciating twist, they had arrived at the port just minutes before the ship was due to sail but didn’t realise it was about to set off.

Maria said: “We thought we were on time.

"We were there 4.10pm or 4.15pm and we heard the call from the ship — but there were so many cruises we thought it was another ship.

"Then we heard the horn. When we arrived to the pier we were in shock.”

Here they saw the gangway had been removed and the vessel was in the process of leaving its moorings.  

Maria said: “I think the worst feeling was to see that the boat was still there and knowing we can go inside and see the boat leave without you.

“I think I would have preferred to have been at the pier and the boat had already gone.”

We started yelling to them ‘please, please let us on the cruise is still here’

To make matters worse, the couple realised they had left their passport, visas, and credit cards on board, meaning they were marooned on the island with no money or way out.

Fortunately the crew managed to retrieve their travel documents and cards on board before handing them to the pilot who was guiding the ship out of the harbour.

He then immediately sailed back to the quayside and handed Maria and Alessandro their passports and wallets.

But they were forced to pay £225 each to fly back to Miami after the blunder and were reunited with their luggage three days later.

At the immigration office they learned they were actually one of six people who missed the boat.

Maria said: “There were two other couples. One were very, very angry so we didn’t keep in touch but the other two were nice."


Shortly after they returned home the couple found out a video which captured their dockside debacle had gone viral — but they saw the humorous side to it.

Maria said: “Of course it would be better if it didn’t happened. But it could have a positive flip-side.

“Now I can say it was funny experience and we have a good story to tell our kids when we have kids.”

The video of her holiday mishap was filmed from the deck of the nearby Norwegian Bliss and the call to depart came at 3.30pm local time.

Dockers began removing the gangway and closing the door with the ship leaving at 4.15pm.

The hapless couple showed up five minutes later with shopping bags from their excursion.

Frantically waving, they tried to get the attention of people on the dock and on the ship.

Other passengers on the cruise ship can be seen looking at the couple from their balconies as the propellers start to churn in the water.



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Maria is a household name in her home country and found fame as a 12 year old or the TV show Recreo Grande.

The star — who is also a top model and social media star — is best known for the weekly show RG Elementos.

In 2017, she co-starred in the movie Buscando a Marcos Ramirezm' a box office success in her home country.


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