Strangers break into woman's home, beat her, and cut her hair leaving her with 'concussion and ruptured eardrum'

A MOM has said she was attacked by a couple who knocked her out and hacked off her hair in a home invasion while her five-year-old son was asleep.

Lashelle Jacobs said she was awoken by a man and woman banging on the door of her Ortega home in Florida around 11pm on December 2.

"I open the door and I literally stepped right here and the girl is sitting in front of my door and she said, 'They're following me, they're following me.'

"And I was like 'Who is following you?' And when I went to go look this way and that's when she attacked me and I fell to the ground and everything happened right here," she told WJXT.

According to Jacobs, the strangers beat her and threatened to stab her if she did not comply until she eventually blacked out.

"When I woke back up I remember them holding my hair saying if I moved or screamed they were going to stab me and continue to cut my hair," she said.

Jacobs said she managed to crawl up the stairs to get her phone and call 911.

The alleged attackers didn't steal anything from her home, except for the scissors they used to cut her hair, she said, according to reports.

But she was left with serious injuries, including a concussion and a ruptured eardrum.

"It's so damaged right now that it's squishy to feel," she said.

A GoFundMe page set up by a family member raising money for medical expenses said Jacobs "doesn't have enemies" and "stays to herself."

"Someone thought it would be okay to trick my sister and knock on her door the girl said they're after me they're after me, meanwhile my sister not thinkin tryin to help an (sic) someone came around the corner and hit her with a flower pot, then they proceeded to come into my sisters home an (sic) beat her an (sic) toture (sic) her an manipulate her all while my sweet little innocent 5 year old nephew slept upstairs," the page read.

Jacobs said her five-year-old "doesn't know."

"My mom told him that I'm in quarantine right now so that's why I can't see him but hopefully I'll get through this soon because I don't want him to see me like this at all."

Jacobs said she doesn’t know who the duo might be or why they attacked her.

The family is offering a $5,000 reward for any information that can lead to the arrest of the suspects.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is investigating the case but say no suspects have been identified.

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