Colombian guerrilla soldiers accused of kidnapping Liverpool soccer star Luis Diaz’s parents are sent to prison by judge after refusing to accept charges

  • Andrés Bolivar and Marlon Brito were ordered sent to prison by a judge in Colombia on Wednesday
  • They rejected charges that linked them to the October 28 abduction of Luis Díaz Jiménez and Cilenes Marulanda, the parents of Liverpool soccer player Luis Díaz
  • The Attorney General’s Office said that Bolivar was allegedly contacted by a member of the National Liberation Army in July to discuss the kidnappings

A Colombian judge ordered two suspects to prison after they declined to accept charges over their roles in the kidnapping of the parents of Liverpool soccer player Luis Díaz.

Andrés Bolivar and Marlon Brito were also accused of having contacts with members of the National Liberation Army, or ELM, in the October 28 planning and execution of Díaz’s parents, Luis Díaz Jiménez and Cilenes Marulanda, the Attorney General’s Office said Wednesday.

Bolivar and Brito are each facing charges that include kidnapping and manufacturing, trafficking and carrying of military weapons and ammunition.

Díaz Jiménez and Marulanda were abducted by armed members of the Marxist-Lennist guerrilla group at a gas station in Barrancas, a town in the northeastern province of La Guajira.

It took police several hours to rescue Marulanda, but the Colombian soccer star’s father was held for 12 days by the ELN.

Luis Díaz Jiménez (pictured), the father of Colombian soccer player Luis Díaz, was kidnapped in the northeast town of Barrancas on October 28 with his wife. While she was released several hours after the abduction, the 55-year-old was held for 12 days

Liverpool soccer player Luis Díaz was joined by his parents in England on November 18, nine days after his after as released by kidnappers

Andrés Bolivar was contacted by a National Liberation Army member in July to go over details regarding the kidnapping of Luis Díaz’s parents, Colombian authorities said

Colombian prosecutors alleged that Marlon Brito was in charge overseeing the logistics prior to carry out the kidnapping of Luis Díaz Jiménez and Cilenes Marulanda, the parents of Liverpool soccer player Luis Díaz

The guerrilla group released Díaz Jiménez on November 9 in Serranía del Perijá, a mountain range near the border with Venezuela, where Catholic Church and United Nations representatives traveled by helicopter.

Investigators with the Attorney General’s Office found that an ELN member known as ‘Octavio’ had reached out to Bolivar in July ‘to help him carry out the idea that the criminal organization had of kidnapping the athlete’s father.’

He reportedly went to Barrancas and met with ‘a person who was close to the Díaz family’ and persuaded him to help with the kidnapping and to learn about the victims’ movements.

Prosecutors said that Brito allegedly helped with the logistics of the kidnapping. 

Luis Díaz poses with his father as he celebrated his 55th birthday with his family Monday in England

Brito’s plan included luring Díaz’s parents to a gas station believing they were going to hold a meeting to pledge support for a family member who was running for the Barrancas city council before the couple was abducted.

Military special forces units were dispatched to search for Díaz Jiménez along the mountainous region along the Colombia and Venezuela border.

In hopes of securing his immediate release, the National Police offered a $48,000 reward for information leading to his whereabouts.

Luis Díaz Jiménez received medical care on the mountainside near Colombia’s border with Venezuela after a helicopter set off to rescue him November 9 

ELN commander Antonio García acknowledged they erred in judgement when they decided to kidnap Díaz’s parents.

‘The abduction of Luis Díaz’s father by the Northern War Front was a mistake,’ García wrote on Telegram.

The court ruling came just two days after Díaz Jiménez celebrated his 55th birthday and posted an emotional message on Instagram.

‘I want to thank God for allowing me to celebrate another year of life, my family, my wife, my children, my daughter-in-law for making me spend this beautiful day,’ Diaz Jiménez wrote. 

 ‘God bless you, I always love you with all my heart.’

The family left Colombian on November 18 and is staying with Díaz in England. 

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