Thai man dies from electric shock after playing with Android phone while it was plugged into mains – The Sun

A MAN died from a suspected electric shock after playing on his phone while it was plugged in charging.

Kittisak Moonkitti, 28, was found dead in his bedroom with burn marks on his hand and forearm while still holding his handset. 

Mum Rinnaporn, 57, from Chonburi, western Thailand made the horrifying discovery when she was about to leave for work yesterday afternoon.

She found Kittisak dead but holding his black Android smartphone, which was plugged into the mains while he was playing games. 

His hands and arms bore scorch marks and when she poked him with a stick he was unresponsive.  

Police suspect his mobile phone gave him an electric shock.

The devastated mother said: "I came here to visit him but he stayed in his bedroom all the time, even when I called out to him to help me clean. 

"That's when I went to check him in his bedroom.

"I was worried that he was sick because he did not respond to any of my call and my nudges. 

"Then I contacted the police right away."

Police captain Issara Arokha said: "The body examination by the paramedics showed burns to the victim's right hand which suggested that he was electrocuted by his charging phone.

"We will take the body for a post-mortem examination before we will confirm the cause of death."

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