THE SIMPSONS have spoofed the 2020 presidential election in their Halloween special this year.

The clip from the upcoming episode shows Homer Simpson heading to the booth to cast his vote in the US election.

Stuck on his "stumper" of a decision, Homer puts his reading glasses on in an attempt to decide who to choose.

Because he can't decide who to vote for, Homer asks if he can write in Judge Judy as one of the candidates for president.

His daughter Lisa, wearing a trusty face mask, then butts in, saying: "You're hesitating over president?

"Dad! By all that's decent, how could you forget everything that's happened in the last four years?"

Homer immediately recalls a front-page headline from the local Springfield Shopper that says, “Faye Dunaway Gives Oscar to Wrong Movie and Is Never Seen Again.”

Then numerous headlines scroll past in front of his eyes, chronicling some of Donald Trump's actions from the last four years.

It included: "Looks lousy in a tennis outfit," "Called third world countries ****holes," and "Said Jewish people who vote democrat are disloyal."


The headlines continued: "Lied about the size of his inauguration," "Talked about grabbing *****," and "Refused to release tax returns."

The segment concluded with the point that "We haven't even said the worst one."

Homer casts his vote – but in typical showbiz cliffhanger style, we’re left wondering who his choice was.

The clip comes from the show’s annual “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween special – where strange twists and turns are expected in the story.

The episode is set to air on October 18.

The US presidential election is on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, with the winner inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

It will be the 59th US presidential election – and comes after a turbulent few months for the nation with the coronavirus pandemic and George Floyd protests sweeping the country.

Having contracted coronavirus earlier this month, Trump is now back campaigning in the final weeks before the election.

Today, Trump mocked Joe Biden with a joke campaign poster showing his rival for the presidency in a care home after claiming he has dementia.

Trump, 74, shared the photoshopped image of Biden, 77, surrounded by elderly people in wheelchairs to Twitter on Tuesday.

Trump refers to Biden as "Sleepy Joe", and has claimed his rival has dementia.

The president made the claim after Biden misspoke on the campaign trail, forgetting Mitt Romney's name and mistakenly saying he was running for the Senate.

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