Thieving squirrel finds the perfect way to beat bird feeder protector

Nuts to that! Thieving squirrel finds the perfect way to beat bird feeder protector – just jump over it

  • Crafty squirrel filmed leaping over the protector in an English country garden
  • Countryside menace was also shown terrorising birds moments beforehand
  • Gardener said he had been at war with the squirrel over the nuts for a year

A crafty squirrel has discovered it can steal the garden birds’ nuts by simply jumping over a bird feeder protector.

Terrifying footage, filmed on a mobile phone, shows the nut-lover launching itself from the ground and leaping over the plastic shield in an English country garden before gorging itself on nuts.

The countryside menace is also shown terrorising local birds as it attempts to work out how to get to the bird feeder. 

Squirrel vs Bird feeder protector: A squirrel has foiled a nut feeder protector set up in an English country garden by jumping over it

The video starts with the grey squirrel scrambling up the pole holding the nuts before falling down when it hits the plastic protector.

Not to be perturbed it has another go before discovering it can get around the obstacle by jumping from the ground. 

A second clip then shows the squirrel leaping past the protector and climbing to the top of the pole before grabbing the nuts. A green net above the three bird feeders is there to perturb parakeets.

This is Money editor Richard Browning filmed the squirrel’s devastating actions. ‘I’ve been at war with this squirrel for at least a year,’ he said. ‘I thought I’d won… but I filmed this last week’.

Gardeners are also known to deploy metal cages and pet cats in a desperate attempt to keep squirrels off their bird feeders.

My nuts: The squirrel is pictured gorging itself on the nuts after leaping over the protector

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