THREE times as many unvaccinated people are catching Covid as those who have been double-jabbed, official figures show.

Someone who had their second Pfizer dose in May is 66 per cent less likely than an unprotected person to test positive.

For AstraZeneca the risk is 54 per cent lower and for Moderna it is 76 per cent. The figures, which are based on random swab tests, are the first of their kind from the Office for National Statistics.

Experts say they offer proof that jabs are cutting transmission — with cases also halved after a single dose.

The ONS also reported that infections were 55 per cent lower for people who had already had Covid. However, they were 59 per cent higher in people who do not wear masks. The report came as the UK yesterday confirmed another 37,960 Covid cases — a rise of five per cent in a week.

Numbers have only barely crept up since mid-September. 

Deaths dropped by almost a fifth to 40 yesterday.

The number of patients in hospital continued to decline over the weekend, falling to 6,865. It was the first time below 7,000 in a month.

Only 38,971 vaccines were dished out on Sunday. Some 89.7 per cent of over-16s are now vaccinated, while 82.4 per cent have been double-jabbed. 

The ONS report was based on tests sent to 167,288 people between August 29 and September 11.

Prof Kevin McConway, Open University statistics expert, said: “The headline findings are that vaccinated people were less likely to test positive.

“Younger people, people who never wore face coverings indoors, and people who had more social contacts were all more likely to test positive.”


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