Trump ‘leading in SIX battleground states’ in one poll as he plots huge upset win

ONE recent poll group shows Donald Trump "leading in six battleground states," as he hopes to pull off an upset and win a second term.

The polls come as millions of Americans across the nation hit the voting booths to cast their votes in the presidential election.

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Polls from The Trafalgar Group around the past week show Trump with a lead in six key battleground states – Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Results were compiled by journalist David Martosko, who shared them on Twitter.

According to the group's polling, Trump held the lead by as much as 4.3percent in Georgia.

In Arizona, Trump held 48.9percent of votes compared to Biden's 46.4percent, while in Florida, the president held 49.4percent of ballots to the former vice president's 47.3percent, the poll shows.

In Michigan, Trump held a 2.5percent majority over Trump, whereas in Nevada, he's shown with a slim 0.7percent lead, according to Trafalgar's results.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania – one of the biggest key players in the election – Trump was shows winning 47.8percent of voters while Biden held 45.9, the polls show.

Trafalgar's polls differed largely from other combined national polls, which have overwhelmingly shown Biden with a strong lead in winning the election.

Biden is often shown in a lead over Trump by varying margins in different battleground states.

Robert Cahaly, a pollster and senior strategist with Trafalgar, told Newsweek he thinks Trump will score electoral college votes in "the high 270s" if not "more."

Trafalgar's polling also showed Trump winning the 2016 election – despite a majority of other polls showing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton would likely sweep a win.

Cahaly told Newsweek he thinks the group's polling is more accurate due to the nature of surveying – and that people tend to be more honest in online polling versus over-the-phone.

"The more anonymous your poll is, the more likely somebody is to tell you the truth," Cahaly told Newsweek.

He told the outlet he thinks there are more"shy" Trump supporters than in 2016 who serve as his "silent majority."

Speaking with Fox News on Tuesday, Trump predicted a "miracle campaign" will win him a second term in office.

Biden, however, said he's feeling "good" as he spoke with supporters in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Millions of Americans will tune in on Tuesday night to watch the electoral college map and see which candidates claim victory in each state.

Although states will count ballots as polls close tonight, it may be days or weeks until the final counts are in due to widespread mail-in voting.

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