According to the professionals in the past and the modern-day professionals, there are three techniques utilized to sew a fine piece of clothing. These techniques are known as Factory sewing, MTM, and Bespoke. The Demidov Armor company provides every service of sewing a perfect body armor with each of the techniques if put in the demand.  Nowadays factory sewing technique is used by brands who have huge demand in public. In this technique, heavy machinery and equipment are used to sew custom clothing which is an efficient and accurate method. In MTM, a little change in the default sewing pattern is made to fit a person. In the Bespoke technique, the tailor considers the exact measurement and requirements of the clients to deliver the product a client wishes for.

There was a time when all of the men had their suits sewed particularly. As time passed and industries developed, the mass market with cheapness took over the trend. But soon industries with massive brands faced a drawback that with the availability of a wide range of sizes and choices, a perfect suit cannot be chosen by a client. After this drawback, most of the premium brands adapted the MTM technique. By little bit making customization on the products according to the client. However, because tailors were only making that slight change according to their own experience with a certain image in their mind which also didn’t work out for most of the clients.

The owner of Demidov Armor has also chosen this sewing technique because it provides a tremendous product without any flaw. Eliminating the factory sewing and MTM technique, bespoke comes on the top as this sort of sewing provides a perfect suit that fits rightly to the clients. In this technique, the exact starting measurements and the requests of the clients are considered and products are designed accordingly.

According to the statistics, bulletproof vests are made in the factories by keeping the standard size and pattern for all of the manufactured products. And there are so many people and security professionals who don’t get their desired fit. That was a drawback that led numerous manufacturers to choose the MTM service. However, this technique has also its cons and one of the major cons was that body armors when worn were not well-hidden and also leaves a negative impact on the essential properties.

Demidov Armor has always served its purpose as a top-selling bulletproof vest. Nowadays every businessman, politician, and entrepreneur is facing a threat because of being in the spotlight. The situation is getting worse and worse especially in America and Europe. For maximum safety, the demand for making such a bulletproof vest which holds a remarkably ballistic characteristic and is also very well hidden when it’s worn is rising. The custom tailoring technology to sew such armors is Known as MYPROOFING (Bulletproof vest- TPROOF- confidence, knowledge, etc.). Demidov Armor provides bulletproof vests sewed with this latest custom tailoring technology which is highly in demand nowadays. We show our quality on YouTube channel.