UK weather – Wild washout as freak 'mini-TORNADO' forces evacuations before 50mph gales batter Britain tomorrow

A WILD washout will soak Britain on Tuesday before the country is smashed with chilly 50mph gales.

The sodden scene comes after a freak mini-tornado forced evacuations in a Coventry street, flinging trampolines and garden furniture into the air.

Further downpours are in store over the next few days with an Atlantic low bringing heavy rain, reported Netweather TV.

It added: "In these heavy and thundery downpours, there will be the risk of flooding.

"This low pressure sticks around through midweek but there should be a brief respite before more heavy showers get going for next weekend."

The forecast comes after Coventry Live said that devastated residents had racked up huge costs thanks to a 'mini-tornado' on Sunday.

It tore through a Bedworth street, with evacuated resident Aimee Cotton saying: "It was like a ball (the tornado) I can’t explain it, the noise was like a boom."

The mum-of-two- whose garden furniture was picked up and smashed into pieces by the tornado – added: "The noise was horrendous.

"We have had storms here before but nothing like this, I have never seen anything like it."

The Met Office has issued a strong wind warning for parts of southern England from 1am until midday on Tuesday.

The agency said that "an area of low pressure is expected to track across the far south and southeast of the UK from the southwest on Tuesday morning".

In the south and east of this low, there will be "unseasonably strong winds, particularly around some coasts and hills.

"Here gusts may reach 40-50mph which may lead to damage to temporary structures and transport disruption.

"The strong winds will be accompanied by some heavy showers or rain for a time, before gradually moving northeastwards and easing from the southwest through Tuesday daytime."

Meteogroup UK said that Tuesday will be "wet and windy in Wales and England with further widespread showers, often heavy.

"Showers will turn thundery across eastern areas, particularly in the morning.

"Showery outbreaks of rain are expected in Scotland, though these will be light for most.

"There will be a dry start in Northern Ireland, with light showers later."

That's bad news for Scotland, after Edinburgh saw flash flooding at the weekend.

Drains were overwhelmed in torrential downpours, and the shopping streets and market in Stockbridge became waterlogged.

Princes Street Gardens, city basement flats and the main bypass were affected by the thunderstorms, said Netweather TV.

But, the England football team should face Denmark under dry skies for their Euro 2020 semi-final showdown at Wembley on Wednesday, forecasters predict.

But the combination of showers and warm temperatures that the UK has experienced in recent days will continue over the week.

Greg Dewhurst, a meteorologist, said that Wednesday was still too far away to pinpoint exact details but that morning showers should ease off by kick-off.

"For the UK as a whole (Wednesday) is going to be a day of sunshine and showers through the day, some of the showers could be heavy at times but it looks like the showers tend to fade away in the evening," he said.

The mercury is expected to hit 21C (69.8F) in the day, dropping to around 18C (64.4F) by match time, but the atmosphere will still be "on the humid side".

Should England progress to the final on Sunday, also at Wembley, the weather could be drier and warmer.

"Our latest models have temperatures around 22C (21.6F), possibly 23C (73.4F) – there is still the risk of a few showers around but perhaps less frequent and less heavy compared to Wednesday," Mr Dewhurst said.

Thursday into Friday looks like there will still be some showers around, but that risk decreases, added Mr Dewhurst.

Temperatures are currently sitting at around 21C (69.8F) – about average for the time of year.

With more torrential rain set to sweep across the UK this week, bookmaker Coral already makes this month odds on, at 1-2, to be the wettest July since records began.

"The bright start to Monday morning will be a distant memory with some of the weather forecast for this week and we are now firmly expecting this month to enter the record books as the wettest July of all time," said Coral's Harry Aitkenhead.

From this weekend, the Met Office predicts that the weather will begin to settle, with warmer and drier conditions across the country.

It comes after spectators attempted to shelter themselves from the rain on day six of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London on Saturday.

A sea of umbrellas was seen in the stands as people used their jackets and plastic ponchos to keep dry.

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