JOE Biden has pledged to beef up US military might in Europe amid the growing threat of all-out war with Russia.

He confirmed the US will send two extra squadrons of F-35 jets to the UK, base two more destroyers in Spain and establish a permanent 5th Army headquarters in Poland. 

He also said an additional rotational brigade will be deployed to Romania and more air defence and other capabilities will be stationed in Germany and Italy. 

And Washington will "enhance" rotational deployments in the Baltic region, right on Vladimir Putin's doorstep.

Putin's allies have recently discussed invading Baltic nations amid increasingly extreme threats to nuke London and Washington.

Mr Biden pledged to make sure Nato is ready to meet threats from all directions across all domains, land air and sea. 

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"Putin has shattered peace in Europe," he said at the start of a Nato summit today in Madrid.

"We're stepping up. We're proving that Nato is more needed now than it ever has been."

He added: "Today I'm announcing the United States will enhance our force posture in Europe and respond to the changing security environment as well as strengthening our collective security."

The planned boost to troops in Poland and Romania will strengthen the alliance's eastern flank on the border with Ukraine, he said.

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The US currently has more than 100,000 personnel deployed across Europe, up by 20,000 since Russia invaded Ukraine four months ago.

Mr Biden said Putin thought Nato members would splinter, but instead they are more united than ever.

"Putin was looking for the Finland-isation of Europe," the president said.

"You're gonna get the Nato-ization of Europe. And that's exactly what he didn't want, but exactly what needs to be done to guarantee security for Europe."

The summit is expected to clear the way for historically neutral Sweden and Finland to join the 30-nation alliance.

Turkey, which was blocking their entry, reached an agreement on the eve of the summit last night to support them joining.

The two Scandinavian nations have already taken part in joint war games with Nato armies to rehearse for an invasion by Russia.

Last night Boris Johnson said all Nato allies must "dig deep" and increase defence spending to counter Russia's threat.

But he was caught in a row as the Tories were forced to admit they'd broken a manifesto pledge on above-inflation budget rises.

He has been warned the UK risks missing the target by 2025, and serving top brass have branded cuts to the Army “perverse” following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

There was also an embarrassing dispute with Nato, which said the UK had spent less on defence than its claimed 2.3 per cent of GDP.

Mr Johnson said on the way to the summit: "We're right."

It emerged the MoD included £1.3bn of military aid to Ukraine in its figures, but Nato does not count that.

Nuclear threat

Russia has issued chilling warnings about Nato's support for Ukraine, saying it could lead to World War Three.

Last night a TV propagandist dubbed Putin's Iron Doll threatened to nuke Downing Street and the White House.

They were shown in satellite images of "decision-making centres" that would be the first targets.

Nato's headquarters in Brussels and the summit venue in Madrid were also shown as targets on state TV.

Loyal presenter Olga Skabeyeva said: "With greetings to the participants of the Nato summit of a bloc openly hostile to Russia.

"Look at the screen but do not be afraid, please.

"The Russian Space Agency published satellite images and exact coordinates of what we call the 'decision-making centres' of Western countries.

"And the venue of the summit in Madrid, where Russia is declared the worst enemy."

Skabeyeva claimed she was not making a threat, adding: "Let them just keep it in mind."

Putin last week claimed his new "Satan 2" ICBMs are in production and will be operational by the end of this year.

The Sarmat rockets can allegedly fly 11,000 miles and launch 15 warheads, enough to destroy an area the size of the UK.

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Putin has previously said the nuke missile would "force those who try to threaten Russia to think twice".

And he said he wouldn't hesitate to extend the Ukraine war to neighbouring lands – referring to all of the former territories of the USSR, which he described as "historic Russia".

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