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THE UK is set to quit the European Union on January 31.

But what are the key Brexit dates for 2020? Here's what you need to know.

When is Brexit happening?

The UK was originally due to leave the EU on March 29, 2019.

But after three extensions and three and a half years after the referendum, there are strong signs it is actually going to happen.

Johnson had pledged a "do or die" Brexit by October 31, 2019, but was forced to request a "flextension" after a No Deal was taken off the table.

The EU has now agreed the new deadline of January 31, 2020.

What time will the UK officially leave the EU?

Brexit will become official at 11pm on Friday, January 31.

A countdown clock will be projected onto 10 Downing Street from 10pm, followed by a red, white and blue light display.

But since this is a private street guarded by police at all times, no members of the public will be able to see it in person.

What were the key dates on the road to Brexit?

February 1, 2020 – Countdown starts on an 11-month transition period with talks on a new trade deal.

January 31, 2020 – Brexit day

New Year 2020 – Without an agreement the UK leaves without a deal and trade barriers go up.

December 20, 2019  – Boris Johnson’s deal goes before parliament

December 12, 2019 – Snap general election, Boris wins landslide

October 31, 2019 – Revised but also postponed Brexit day

October 28, 2019 – Brexit extension to January 31 2020.

July 24, 2019 – Boris Johnson becomes PM after winning leadership contest

June 24, 2019– May resigns after losing third vote

March 29, 2019 – Original but postponed Brexit day

March 20 2019 – PM asks for extension until October

March 12, 2019 – Second vote rejects May’s

January 15, 2019 – First ‘meaningful vote’ on May’s Brexit deal rejects plan

December 8, 2017 –  May agrees EU divorce deal which includes the backstop

2018 – begins a year of negotiations 

June 8, 2017 – Snap general election

March 29, 2017 – Article 50 triggered and Brexit set in motion

July 13, 2016 – Theresa May elected PM after David Cameron stood down

June 23, 2016 – UK votes to leave the EU

What is the Brexit transition period?

The United Kingdom and the EU have negotiated a withdrawal agreement and part of that is the transition period.

When the UK leaves the EU then the transition period will apply until the end of December 2020.

This could be extended until December 2022, should both sides agree.

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