POPSICLES are popular snacks in the summertime due to their refreshing nature.

What many people don't know about the sweet treat is that it was actually invented by an 11-year-old boy.

Who invented Popsicle?

Popsicles come in a variety of flavors and help people cool down during the warmer months.

Their history dates back to 1905, when a child created them by accident.

According to Popsicle, Frank Epperson, who was 11 years old at the time, accidentally left his cup of soda outside with a stirring stick in it and found it frozen the next morning.

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At first, he called it the "Epsicle," but later changed the name to "Popsicle" after his children started calling it "Pop's 'sicle."

In 1923, Epperson patented the invention that is still loved today.

How many flavors does Popsicle have?

Since launching in the early 1900s, Popsicle has released over 30 flavors.

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Some of their most popular flavors include orange, cherry, and grape.

Popsicle is also known for its "Fudgsicles," which are the original fudge pops.

Over the years, Popsicle has also released flavors inspired by popular cartoons, including PAW Patrol, Frozen, Minions, and SpongeBob SquarePants.

More information about Popsicle products can be found here.

How do people make ice pops at home?

When it comes to at-home recipes, ice pops are one of the easiest.

Essentially, making ice pops at home requires fresh or frozen fruit, water, and sweetener.

One of the most common recipes calls for 10 ounces of fruit, half a cup of water, and one to two tablespoons of sweetener.

Once you measure out all of your ingredients, blend them until smooth, and pour them into your mold of choice.

Then you place them into the freezer for at least two hours to set until firm.

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