KILLER Austin Harrouff could have been legally insane when he attacked and chewed the face of his victim.

Back in 2016, Austin Harrouff killed a couple and was discovered by the police chewing the man's face at the scene of the crime.

Who is Austin Harrouff?

Frat boy and American football player Austin Harrouff was born on December 21, 1996.

He lived with his mother and younger sister from the age of 13, when his parents divorced but remained in contact with his father and would visit him regularly.

While attending Florida State University, Harrouff attacked and killed a couple in their garage, during which he claims to have blacked out.

The then 19-year-old was found by police at the scene of the crime on top of the man John Stevens, 59, chewing his face.


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When the officers shouted at Harrouff to get off Stevens, he growled like a dog and had to be physically removed.

Harrouff then spat out a chunk of flesh, which he admitted was human and said he had no memory of the attack.

Who were Austin Harrouff's victims?

The two victims of Harrouff's crime, John Stevens and his wife Michelle Mishcon, 53, died on August 15, 2016.

After a meal with his father ended in an argument, Harrouff stormed off, claiming the last thing he remembers is walking home.

When the police came to the scene, both John and Michelle had been beaten and stabbed outside their Florida home.

Landscaper John, was found with Harrouff pinning him to the floor, chewing his face in the driveway.

Court documents revealed that one officer ordered the frat boy to get off at gunpoint, while another used a stun gun on him but Harrouff would not let go.



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Harrouff reportedly told officers: "Help me, I ate something bad."

He also injured another victim, to near fatality, but they survived.

Where is Austin Harrouff now?

The now 25-year-old former-frat boy is still awaiting trial as his lawyers have claimed he is mentally ill and the FBI found no evidence of illicit drugs in his system, other than THC.

After being removed from the body, Harrouff was taken to hospital for two months, suffering from a burned oesophagus.

The injury could have been from ingesting chemicals in the couple's garage as state-appointed psychologist Dr Landrum said in a report that Harrouff "remembers drinking a bottle of liquid"

A full report detailing the days before the attack was released and says that Harrouff felt "as if God was talking to him" and "dog spirits were part of him".

Dr Landrum's findings said: "He recalls having a machete in his hand and stabbing her 'and it was like she was covered in darkness'.

"He also remembers seeing a man and 'he was like glowing white'."

The report concluded: "the manifestation of Mr Harrouff's psychiatric illness resulted in a psychotic episode so acute that two innocent people were killed."

Two other mental health experts have been consulted since, with neuropsychologist Michael Gamache contradicting the other findings.

State witness Gamache did not believe that Harrouff met the legal standard of insanity during the crime.

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The case is yet to be tried, with Circuit Judge Sherwood Bauer indicating the trial could be months away according to TCPalm.

Judge Bauer said: “This case needs to come to a resolution.

"It’s a 2016 case – 2016, and it is 2022.

“There's absolutely no reason why this case should have taken this long so far.”

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