Who is Carrie Symonds' mum Josephine McAffee?

CARRIE Symonds' mum is a former lawyer for the Independent newspaper and now appears to be lending a hand looking after her grandson Wilfred.

Mum Josephine McAffee is said to be helping to look after Carrie and Boris Johnson's infant in a "household bubble".

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Who is Carrie Symonds' mum Josephine McAfee?

Carrie Symonds' mum, Josephine McAffee, is a former lawyer and grandmother to Wilfred – the Prime Minister's baby son.

Ms McAffee previously worked as a lawyer for the Independent newspaper where she met and had an affair with Carrie's father – who co-founded the publication, and was married with three children at the time.

Sources confirmed to the Sunday Telegraph she had formed a household bubble with her daughter's young family at Number 10.

Under lockdown rules, people can form a support bubble with another household of any size if they live by themselves or if their household includes a child who was aged one or under.

A spokesman for Johnson declined to comment on the claims reported in the paper.  

A spokesman for Symonds said she "declined to comment on private arrangements, given Carrie’s mother is a private individual".

Who is Carrie Symonds' dad?

Matthew Symonds is a prize-winning journalist and dad to the Prime Minister's wife, Carrie Symonds.

He is the son of ex Labour MEP and former Guardian and Daily Herald editorJohn Beavan, Baron Ardwick.

Mr Symonds worked for the Mirror group, the Financial Times, and The Daily Telegraph before going on to co-found The Independent with ex-Telegraph colleagues Andreas Whittam Smith and Stephen Glover in 1986.

After leaving the paper in 1996 he went on to work for the BBC World Service, and then the Economist where he won the Wincott Prize for financial journalism in 1998.

Does Josephine have any other children?

Carrie has three half-siblings, her dad, Matthew Wheeler's children, according to The Independent.

Carrie will soon be a sister-in-law to Boris Johnson's siblings, Jo, Leo and Rachel.

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