DAVID Bradberry was an aspiring model when he was introduced to then Abercrombie & Fitch boss Mike Jeffries.

But he is now at the forefront of a group of men claiming Jeffries, 79, exploited them for sex before handing them cash envelopes.

Jeffries has been accused with his British partner Matthew Smith, 60, of using a middleman to find young men for sex events at their New York home and luxury hotels across the world.

The men were allegedly introduced to the couple by James Jacobson, and claim he propositioned or sexually "auditioned" men by requesting or offering to perform sex acts.

Jeffries, who ran A&F from the 1990s to 2014, has been slammed as a "predator" and "deviant" by his alleged victims, who say they feared for their futures with the brand if they did not comply.

He and his partner now face a number of allegations after Panorama released a dossier of allegations, with A&F having now launched its own probe into the claims.

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Who is James Jacobson and what was his role within Abercrombie & Fitch?


Who is Mike Jeffries' partner Matthew Smith?

Who is David Bradberry?

Mr Bradberry is one of eight men to claim they attended sex events, and is included among some to tell the BBC's Panorama how they were allegedly abused and exploited by Jeffries and Smith.

He was 23 when he met "middleman" Jacobs for the first time in 2010.

Mr Bradberry was told Jacobs was a "gatekeeper" to the owners of Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F).

At the meeting, Jacobson suggested A&F's official photographer take his picture, but then said he would only introduce him to Jeffries and Smith if he allowed him to "perform oral sex on me".

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Mr Bradberry described he was "paralysed" and was offered a chance of fame in exchange for compliance.

He claims he was paid $500 by Johnson following the ordeal.

An invitation to Jeffries' New York mansion followed, which Mr Bradberry attended with the knowledge the CEO could "make his career".

He had also been told to wear A&F clothing to the event, for which he was given vouchers to cover.

The young men attending the events claim to have been given detailed instructions about the events with no mention of the sex acts expected of them.

A personal "groomer" was also allegedly hired to shave some of the men's intimate body hair.

And the men were allegedly required to sign non-disclosure agreements and were reportedly supervised during sex acts by staff wearing A&F uniforms.

What has David Bradberry said about A&F?

In the BBC Panorama investigative documentary, Mr Bradberry,angrily called Jeffries a "predator" and a "deviant".

And describing his first meeting with Jacobson, he added: "He was selling fame and the price was compliance.

"Jim made it clear to me that unless I let him perform [sex acts] on me, that I would not be meeting with Abercrombie & Fitch or Mike Jeffries.

"It should have been a red flag. I wanted to believe this was an opportunity to meet someone who could make all my dreams come true."

On one occasion, Mr Bradberry claims Jeffries held his neck and held up a "popper" – a drug which give users a quick high – to his nose at the event making him feel close to passing out.

He also said that Jeffries gripped his back and kept refusing to wear a condom, leaving him feeling unsafe.

Bradberry added: "At that point, he had his hands on me so it was like he was physically directing me in an aggressive manner – do this, now do that.

"Between him and the security guards, I didn't feel safe to say no."

He also claimed that Jacobson "groomed" him for further exploitation by targeting his "self-esteem" telling him he was not "catalogue ready".

Mr Bradberry claims to have attended more than one event on the promise it would result in modelling work.

He says attending the events "directly affected my self-esteem", adding: "My 20s were filled with anguish and struggle, anxiety, depression."

A&F has said it is "appalled and disgusted" by the pair's alleged behaviour.

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Jeffries and Smith have not responded to requests for comment.

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