Woman shot dead after pulling a gun on cop and critically injuring him

Shocking moment woman driving wanted felon’s car shoots traffic-stop cop at point-blank range before he returns fire and kills her

  • Metro Nashville Police released body and dashboard camera video from deadly shootout that killed Nika Holbert, 31, and injured officer Josh Baker
  • Baker pulled over Holbert for driving a Chevy Camarao belonging to felon wanted on six outstanding drug warrants 
  • Baker tried to arrest Holbert after finding powdery substance in her bag, but she resisted and jumped back in the car 
  • After Baker Tasered Holbert, she pulled a semi-automatic pistol and shot the officer, who returned fire 
  • Baker suffered wound to his torso but survived; Holbert died of her injuries   

Police in Tennessee have released body camera and dashboard camera footage capturing the moment an officer was wounded and a woman was killed in a shootout that broke out during a traffic stop.  

Metro Nashville Police Officer Josh Baker pulled over a vehicle at 9.30am on Friday because the owner was wanted on six outstanding drug warrants, police spokesman Don Aaron told news outlets. 

Nika Holbert, 31, was driving the black Chevrolet Camaro, but its true owner was convicted felon Demond Buchanan, 42. 

It’s unclear at this time how Holbert knew Buchanan.  

Metro Nashville Police officer Josh Baker pulled over this black Chevy Camaro because it belonged to a felon wanted on outstanding drug warrants   

Nika Holbert, 31, was driving the car but was not its registered owner

Baker searched Holbert’s purse, found a  powdery substance in a small bag and proceeded to try to arrest her

After Holbert tried to flee, Baker deployed a Taser against the woman 

Footage released by the police shows Baker looking through Holbert’s purse and finding a powdery substance in a small bag. 

The Camaro belonged to Demond Buchanan, 42, who was wnated on six outstanding drug warrants 

Baker then attempts to arrest Holbert but she shows resistance and flees, yelling, ‘Don’t put me in handcuffs! I haven’t done anything wrong!’

Holbert jumps back in the driver’s seat as Baker pulls out his Taser and deploys it against her. 

The officer grabs the woman by the hand and tries to pull her out of the car, but with her other hand she grabs a handgun. 

‘Ma’am, put the gun down!’ Baker yells at the woman as she opens fire on him. 

The officer returns fire and collapses as the black Camaro pulls out of the parking lot and speeds away. 

Holbert pulled out a semi-automatic pistol and shot at Baker, who returned fire 

Baker collapsed to the ground with a gunshot wound to his torso 

The 14-year veteran scrambled to his knees and radioed in ‘shots fired’ 

Baker was able to radio in ‘shots fired’ and let dispatch know that he has been hit by a round that had gone beneath his bulletproof vest. 

Holbert threw away her semi-automatic pistol in the parking lot and made it to an intersection a block away before losing control and crashing on the side of the road. 

She suffered a gunshot wound in the fracas and was pronounced dead at Skyline Medical Center, police said. 

Baker was hit in the torso and underwent surgery Friday afternoon at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Aaron said. The 14-year veteran was in stable condition, police said and in good spirits as of Saturday.

Holbert threw away her gun and pulled out of the parking lot, leaving the wounded officer behind

The Camaro crashed a block away from the scene of the shootout 

Baker (left) was taken to a hospital to be treated for his serious injury. Holbert (right) was pronounced dead from a gunshot wound hours later 

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating the fatal officer-involved shooting and will share its findings with the District Attorney General.

Chief Drake said that upon reviewing the bodycam and dashcam video recordings, he felt that Baker acted in accordance with department policy.   

‘He appeared to do everything he could to try to deescalate the situation, including the use of Taser, including trying not to use his firearm,’ Drake told WKRN.

Holbert’s adoptive mother, Lisa Holbert-Gooch, told The Tennessean the 31-year-old was wrong for pulling a gun but she is disturbed by the actions of the officer who shot her daughter dead. 

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