Worker saves colleague from a lorry that would have crushed him

Worker pulls his colleague out of gatehouse seconds before an out-of-control lorry crushes the wooden kiosk

  • CCTV captured the near-death moment in Moscow, Russia, on Wednesday 
  • A selfless co-worker rushes into path of the lorry to save a man sat inside kiosk
  • Within seconds the structure is flattened as the truck’s brakes reportedly failed

This is the dramatic moment a worker pulls his colleague to safety with seconds to spare as an out-of-control lorry smashes through the kiosk he had been sitting inside.

CCTV footage captured the near-death moment at an icy truck yard in Moscow, Russia, on Wednesday.  

In the video the truck can be seen gathering speed as it rolls backwards after suffering a brake failure. 

A quick-thinking worker rushes into the path of the vehicle, swinging open the door of a wooden kiosk where another worker is sat unaware.

The two men then make a frantic dash from the path of the lorry and are able to get to safety.

Within seconds the cargo lorry flattens the small structure where the man had been sitting.

Social media users praised the selfless worker for his life saving actions, with one writing: ‘His co-worker owes him a pint for that lol.’

CCTV footage captured the near-death moment at a truck yard in Moscow, Russia, on Wednesday. Here a colleague is seen running towards the shack to save his co-worker

With seconds to spare the two men make a dash for it and narrowly miss being crushed by the truck

The lorry flattens the small structure where the man had been sitting 

Whilst another commented: ‘Man definitely got a [pay] raise’. 

Others questioned why the truck’s safety brakes didn’t kick in, writing: ‘ALL 12 air brakes failed ? I think the driver didn’t set the park brakes.’

Another replied: ‘Exactly, air brakes are designed to engage when they fail. Unless this monster has hydraulic brakes.’  

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