Yobs smash car windscreen and rip off wing mirror in unprovoked attack

Moment gang of four youths smash car windscreen by stomping on glass and rip off its wing mirror in unprovoked attack outside home

  • Tracey Drawwater wants to find ‘vile little scumbags,’ who smashed up her car
  • Footage shows four yobs cracking a windscreen and ripping off mirrors in Kirkby
  • Merseyside Police asked for witnesses to come forward after Sunday’s incident 

Shocking footage shows the moment a gang of youths smash up a car’s windscreen by stomping on the glass before ripping off a wing mirror in an unprovoked attack outside a woman’s home. 

Four youths were filmed sprinting across a street in Kirkby, Merseyside, on Sunday, before leaping on to the bonnet of a Ford Fiesta and launching their attack.

The car’s owner, Tracey Drawwater, has shared the clip online in a bid to find the group, who she described as ‘vile little scumbags’.

In the footage, the group of four males are shown running directly towards the vehicle from across the street.

Two of them immediately jump onto the bonnet of the car and manage to crack the windshield by stomping on the glass.

The car’s owner, Tracey Drawwater shared a clip of the attack online in a bid to find the group, who she described as ‘vile little scumbags’

Footage shows the gang of youths leap on to the bonnet of the Ford Fiesta before stomping on the car’s windscreen in Kirkby on Sunday

While this is happening, the other two can be seen ripping the wing mirrors off.

They then quickly make off after managing to ruin the car in just 12 seconds.

Subsequent images shared by Tracey show the front window has been completely smashed.

Another picture shows one of the wing mirrors hanging loose from the rest of the car.

Tracey posted her home CCTV footage of the incident onto her Facebook, saying: ‘Anyone recognise these idiots just destroyed my car. Kirkby area.’

While two of the yobs run off, the others turn their attention to the car’s wing mirrors, attempting to kick and pull them off

Footage taken on Ms Drawwater’s drive shows one of the yobs kicking at the side of the car, while the other tries to yank off a wing mirror

Ms Drawwater contacted police, who are now appealing for witnesses to come forward.

A Merseyside Police spokesman said: ‘We are appealing for information after a report of criminal damage to a car in the Northwood area of Kirkby yesterday (Sunday 14 February).

‘It was reported that on Bigdale Road at around 5.40pm, four male youths had jumped onto a silver Ford Fiesta and smashed the windscreen.

‘The youths are then believed to have made off on foot in the direction of Daleside Road.

‘One youth was wearing a black jacket, a grey under jacket and black trousers; one was wearing a black jacket and grey jeans; one was wearing a white puffa jacket with black panels and one was wearing a light grey tracksuit with a stripe down the side.

‘CCTV and witness enquiries are ongoing.’ 

The yobs left huge cracks across the Fiest’a windscreen after repeatedly stomping on it on Sunday afternoon

Merseyside Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward as they investigate the criminal damage to the car 

Since the victim shared the horrendous footage, Facebook users have been commenting on the clip.

Dolores Donnellan said: ‘I would love to belt them with a baton then they would not come back.’

Philip Nixon commented: ‘B*******!’

Sharon Manning posted: ‘Horrible.’

Ms Drawwater later replied to one of the comments saying: ‘Vile little scumbags.’ 

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